Vinyl Collection

All the vinyls I own, listed in alphabetical order by artist. Vinyls with their titles listed in white text (as opposed to gray) are the ones that have pages so far. Clicking on one will take you to a page for the album where I give my scattered thoughts on the album's music as well as the vinyl's physical characteristics. There's also lyrics, spotify links, and (on some pages) an in-site music player you can use to listen.

On the in-site player, click the icon that looks like four horizontal bars in the bottom-right corner to open the full album playlist. The volume can be adjusted using the slider just to the left of this button. No sound will autoplay when clicking into any pages.



  • Built to Spill
  • Earth, Wind & Fire
    Let's Groove
  • Lemon Demon
    Something Glowing
  • Frank Sinatra
    Somethin' Stupid / I Will Wait For You