Minecraft: Volume Beta


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  1. Ki
  2. Alpha
  3. Blind Spots
  4. Mutation
  5. Biome Fest
  6. Aria Math
  7. Taswell
  8. Beginning 2
  9. Moog City 2
  10. The End
  11. Kyoto
  12. Chirp
  13. Mellohi
  14. Stal
  15. Eleven
  16. Far
  17. Intro

Vinyl Details

Nice explosive looking double LP. There's just a little bit of translucence to it. I only took pictures of one LP, since they're both the same.

Still doesn't have all the tracks from the album, but it has a lot more than Volume Alpha did. Also there's not a bunch of dead space on the discs so I feel like they fit as much as they could (and a triple LP of JUST Volume Beta would be excessive, I think).

Personal Thoughts

I don't play this one a lot, but it makes for good background noise. Also it's pretty :3

Favorite Track: Stal

Rating: more cube/5