It's Difficult To Know Anything At All


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Tracklist + Lyrics:

  1. Time to Go LYRICS
  2. Electric Light Eyes LYRICS
  3. Be Still LYRICS
  4. A Drink (Or Two) LYRICS
  5. Leave It Alone LYRICS

CD Details

This one came in just a paper/cardboard sleeve-type case. It was in shockingly good condition, all things considered. (Considering it was basically being given away for free in a junk sale). It was the album art and rad sounding title that convinced me to pick it up, and it plays just fine too.

Personal Thoughts

This ablum must be even more obscure than I thought, because I can't find the lyrics anywhere online at all. I'll have to transcribe them myself one of these days when I'm not sick and full of brain fog. Unlike a lot of albums, I really haven't paid that much attention to the lyrics so far; mostly I've just put it on in the background while doing other stuff. It's a nice chill album that's not too sleepy but not too distracting either. Just a generally solid album I wouldn't have found if not poking around a lawn sale at the old record store I used to frequent before I moved.

While this album isn't on there, the band does have a Bandcamp page, which might be worth checking out if you enjoyed listening to this album.

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Rating: neat obscure find/5